BMH-BJ is a unique, independent orthodox congregation serving a diverse membership. We are united by our love for each other, a respect for all Jews, support for Israel and commitment to traditional Jewish values and authentic Jewish living. Our community includes a vibrant morning and evening service every day of the year with a mechitzah, a family seating experience on Shabbat and holy day mornings, a dynamic, award winning and growing preschool program, a highly innovative Religious school where parents learn along with their children, and a variety of daily and weekly Torah and adult education classes and programs for lifelong learners. Our calendar is filled with a wide variety religious, cultural and social events and activities created to meet the needs of people of every age.

We welcome all who want to connect, engage and journey with us at BMH-BJ. We aim to create a safe, inclusive community for all who enter our doors. Whether you are Jewish by birth or by choice, new to halachic observance or born into it, married, single, divorced or widowed, gay or straight, old or young, fluent in Hebrew or the slowest reader on the planet – all are invited to join with us in prayer, Torah study, tikkun olam, support for Israel and the sacred work of being a Jew.

We are an historic synagogue with a rich past and a bright future. BMH was founded in 1897 while BJ was founded in 1922 and together merged in 1996 creating the BMH-BJ we know and love today. Our community shares in an immense love of learning and growth, God and mitzvot, compassion and justice. To become part of our BMH-BJ community is to place yourself in a synagogue whose history stretches back more than 116 years and is alive with vibrancy, passion and inclusivity. We invite you to come and experience one of our myriad offerings!

Mission Statement
BMH-BJ fosters an openness to modernity, embraces diversity and inclusivity and cultivates a passion for Jewish tradition.

Vision Statement
BMH-BJ will provide an inclusive, diverse and passionate Jewish home for people seeking to express and enrich their spirituality in our unique congregation. Through our dual language preschool, innovative religious school, inspiring adult education classes, cultural and social activities and prayer opportunities, BMH-BJ establishes a comfortable, participatory environment focused on personal empowerment and authentic Jewish engagement with a vision to deepen the Jewish life of the entire Denver community built upon a core foundation of the Jewish values of openness, critical inquiry, and spiritual and intellectual striving.

Sat, December 16 2017 28 Kislev 5778