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Annual Event 

Please Note:  The 2020 Annual Event has been delayed until 2021.

Celebrate our Women of Valor

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Our annual event, taking place on Sunday evening, March 22, 2020 at 6:00 pm is titled “Women of Valor” honoring Andrea Hyatt for her tireless work at BMH-BJ and in our community.Lana Sukhareva and Tracie Steinberg will be presented with the Joe Silver Spirit Award for their many years of service teaching at the BMH-BJ Preschool.

Andrea Hyatt is passionate about her commitment to Israel and the Jewish people. While she never actively sought leadership roles, her dedication to service evolved into assuming the responsibilities of leadership in many organizations.  Motivated by her profound love for the Jewish community, Andrea chose to step in and step up to ensure her active participation in the community.  As much as she gave through her many years of volunteering she always felt she was the one who was richly rewarded. The notion that one should not forsake the community has been and remains her North Star, guiding her to live a life of purpose and service.  She is the first to state emphatically that her community involvement has enriched her life.  As a personality, Andrea is quick to smile, energetic, has a wicked sense of humor, a proclivity for laughter and, perhaps most importantly, she is a great dancer.

The Joe Silver Spirit Award is named after long-time BMH-BJ congregant, Joe Silver z”l, to honor members of the BMH-BJ community for their kindness and chesed.

Tracie Steinberg is a Denver native. She met and married her husband Jimmy, joined Beth Joseph as members and moved into the East Side neighborhood where she enrolled her son Adam in the preschool in 1987.  Tracie started out volunteering from time to time helping out in the classroom, teaching art, and decorating for the holidays. During Adam’s first year, Tracie became an official teacher and has now been with the BMH-BJ preschool for 33 years. Tracie says of her time teaching, “Every day is a new adventure with our delightful preschoolers. It’s not work if you love what you do.”

Lana Sukhareva immigrated to the United States in 1994 from a Jewish neighborhood in Belorus. She has worked 26 years with the BMH-BJ preschool.  She had a wonderful family in Belorus.  Her grandmother, Chasya, taught her all about Jewish traditions.  Still Lana remembers how they would secretly go to bake matzot for Pesach.  Whether it was lighting Shabbat Candles and Chanukah candles, or keeping Kosher, they had to stay in hiding.  After her grandmother passed away, the Jewish Federation invited her family to the U.S. because her mother’s family survived both concentration camps during the Holocaust and Stalinist imprisonment in Siberia.  She is so proud of her son, Vladimir, who even during his two tours in Iraq, never removed his Magen David from his neck.  He is a meddled U.S. Airforce officer who currently works at an immigration center focusing on anti-terrorism.  Her daughter, Olga, lives here in Denver and works as a surgery nurse.  She has always known how important her Jewish identity has been in shaping her life - Jews need to be brave and tough.  She is happy to have dedicated these many years to teach and inspire young children to love their Jewish identities.



Sun, August 1 2021 23 Av 5781