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Men's Choir

The BMH-BJ Choir was established by Cantor Joel Lichterman in 1995.

Who are we?  We are 15 dedicated and committed volunteers, spanning all ages and from varying Jewish and musical backgrounds. Some choristers have been an integral part of the choir since inception, others have recently joined. We sing in four (and sometimes more) voices, Tenor 1 and 2, Bass 1 and 2. Some of our members have sung as children or adults elsewhere in the U.S.A., South Africa and Israel, others have joined us for their love of our music.

Our philosophy: We “sing for pleasure, not under pressure,” whilst aspiring to the highest vocal standards. We enjoy making music and wish to preserve and promote our rich Jewish choral tradition, both in and outside of the Synagogue. Together with our Chazzan who directs us, we hope to inspire and uplift our community, adding a stronger spiritual connection to our prayers.

Our music: Our wide repertoire ranges from classical to contemporary and appeals to a broad spectrum of musical tastes. Some of our numbers are arranged for our, and our congregants’ particular needs and modern tastes by Cantor Joel, whose skills bring out the best in us and the congregation.

When do we sing? We sing on Shabbat Mevarchim (Blessing the new Month), Shabbat Rosh Chodesh (Shabbat of the New Month) and selectively on other Shabbatot and Festivals, as well as over the High Holy Days. A synagogue programmatic highlight is our annual celebration of Jewish music on Shabbat Shira, when we debut new music.

We also perform on special occasions, by request, such as at weddings and other semachot (celebrations), a recent highlight being our joint Lag B’Omer concert with the Atlanta Jewish Male Choir, here in Denver.

The future: Please consider joining us by contacting Cantor Joel Lichterman at 303-951-8239 or

We also wish to inspire in the next generation a love for and appreciation of music. This led to the creation of our “Kidz Koruz” which through the years has included some of the children of our adult choristers.

Click here to listen to the BMH-BJ Choir's rendition of "Al Tira"

Tue, September 25 2018 16 Tishrei 5779