Daily Minyan

Daily minyan at BMH-BJ runs every Sunday and weekday morning for Shacharit and every evening for Mincha and Ma'ariv. Services are held in the Chapel and feature mechitzah separate seating. Please enter the building through the south entrance, off E Center Ave. Times vary on the day and time of year, so please look at our calendar to view specific times.

Please read below for a schedule of today's services.

Today's Calendar

Shabbat Mevarchim
Dedication Shabbat
Daf Yomi
: 8:00a
: 9:00a
: 9:15a
Taste of Torah
: 10:00a
PJ Shabbat
: 10:30a
: 4:15p
: 5:18p


Sat, December 16 2017 28 Kislev 5778