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D'var Torah by Ryan Beckett for Parashat Shoftim

Shabbat Services

BMH-BJ is a vibrant traditional community with multiple service options on Shabbat and Holy Day mornings.
Traditional Friday Night Services temporarily suspended
On Friday night our synagogue normally offers a lay-led Modern Orthodox service in the Chapel.
Saturday Morning
On Shabbat we offer two Shacharit service experiences within the building, one in the social hall and one in the sanctuary.
Sanctuary: We provide sacred space for those who wish to learn, sing, reflect, pray and connect to God, but prefer to sit together. This service takes place in our light filled sanctuary with its magnificent stained glass windows and features our clergy as well as regularly scheduled guest speakers and presenters on timely topics of religious and general interest.
9:45 AM
Shaarei Simcha: In our chapel our synagogue offers a lay-led modern orthodox service. In this service we adhere to the halachic tradition of separate seating for men and women. Our wood and glass mechitzah runs down the middle of the chapel. Men and women stand before God and visually connect with everything transpiring during the service.
9:00 AM

Fri, September 29 2023 14 Tishrei 5784