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Shabbat Zachor

Virtual Shabbat Party


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Laws of Nine Days + Tisha B'Av CLICK HERE

Refuah Sheleima/Speedy Recovery

Avraham ben Golda Sima, Avrom ben Moishe, Avraham ben Sara, Bracha bat Basha, Daniel ben Batya, Esther bat Chana, Linda Fox, Paul (Pip) Goldstein, Debbie Greenberg (Devorah Leah bat Ita Liba), Elaine Greenberg, Francine Greenberg (Feige Esther bat Ita Liba), Yitzchak ben Beile (Isaac Krajmalnik)Shraga Feivel ben Sima (Fabian Krajmalnik), Menucha bat Bayla Zelda, Mark Millenson, Mordechai ben Pauline, Barbara Oxman, Ron Saliman,  Lilian Schaeffer, Shmuel Yaakov ben Chana, Jay Stark, Tamar bat Phoebe, Yehudah ben Aliza, Yitzchak ben Feige, Pam Zeldin

Kavod on the Road Senior Chavurah Programs

In partnership with Kavod on the Road, BMH-BJ’s Senior Chavurah puts on exciting programs once a month.  We are currently virtual to protect our seniors during the pandemic.  To RSVP for events, contact Rebecca Gershten at 720.382.7848 or

Living in the Present Moment: Unwrapping Life's Best Gift
Unwrap your gifts. The present moment is called the present because it is a gift. We'll explore how to unwrap each moment to get the most out of every situation and circumstance - whether painful or pleasurable. Our Jewish tradition, customs, and holidays come packed with opportunities to enhance our ability to live in the present moment and to have joyful and rewarding lives.

July 15, 2021 at 1pm -- Conversation with Shaliach Itai Divinsky
Divinsky, JEWISHcolorado’s shaliach since August, 2019, joins us to discuss everything Israel.  Bring your curiosity and your questions to learn and discuss anything from politics to pandemic.

Israeli and American declarations of independence as a way to better understand the differences between Israel and the US
The US and Israel are both democratic countries but are very different. These differences are often times overlooked in Jewish Americans discourse about Israel and vis versa, something which leads to great frustrations on both sides. You are invited to join JEWISHcolorado’s Shaliach Itai Divinsky for a discussion comparing the American and Israeli declarations of independence and through that get a better understand of Israel and the many challenges it is facing.

August 26, 2021 at 1pm -- Becky O’Brien from Hazon
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Eating Across Generations

Our tradition teaches l'dor v'dor, from generation to generation. But it's not always the best practices that make it from one generation to the next. While in some ways food systems have gotten much better, in other ways, they've worsened. Author Jonathan Safran Foer writes, "We don't need to reinvent food but to uninvent it. The future of farming and eating needs to resemble the past." Together, we'll learn about the changes in our food system over the last few generations, how we've experienced its evolution in our own lifetimes, and explore how we can make choices that create a healthier and more sustainable food system and planet for everyone.

To Join, go to
Meeting ID: 707 292 5344
Password: 4ZKDAp

Zoom Classes and Services

Daily Minyan:
Shacharit in the Main Sanctuary is by reservation only.
To save your space, use the following link for sign up for
weekday services in 2021 CLICK HERE.
Sunday 8:30 AM,
Monday/Thursday 6:30 AM
Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 6:45 AM

For full schedule, including religious and secular holidays, rosh chodesh, etc. please view our online calendar.
Maariv Service is held Sunday-Thursday at 6:00 PM on Zoom 

Shabbat Services:
Due to Coronavirus health precautions, not only do you need to pre-register, but please be aware to check for updates in case there are any changes.

Sign up link for Shaarei Simcha 2021, CLICK HERE
Services begin at 9:00 am in the Chapel.

Sign up for Main Sanctuary 2021, CLICK HERE
Services begin at 10:00 am

Shabbat Childcare:                                                                          We will offer babysitting from 9:15am to 10:45am for children ages 0-5 years old in the gallery with a limit of 8 children.  Please pre-register here:

Tuesday evening with Rabbi Chaitovsky at 7:30 PM -



Wednesday morning Torah study with Rabbi Chaitovsky at 9:00 AM -

Bamidbar Verse by Verse (CLICK HERE)

Thursday morning Women's Class with Ellyn Hutt at 11:00 AM -

Ellyn’s Parsha Class for Women (CLICK HERE) - Meeting ID: 922 119 870


Thursday evening with Cantor Goldstein at 7:00pm -



Daf Yomi with Rabbi Fleischmann - each weekday morning at 7:30 AM and
Saturday night 1 hour after Shabbat ends
WhatsApp Dial in number: 701-802-5213 Access code: 8622667
Online meeting ID: mfleischmann7​​​​​​
-If you want to be added to the group messaging of Daf Yomi for times, place in Gemoro, etc. please WhatsApp Rabbi Fleischmann at 303-815-4882
-For the actual shiur we use, which is accessible by home phone, cell, or computer.

Please note: Parsha Explorations with Essie Fleischman is temporarily postponed

Shabbat Videos

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Yizkor Memorial Service Booklet 
Click the above link to view and download a digital version of the service.  
Yizkor prayers are said during morning service after the reading of the Torah.  Yizkor in 2021 will be on:
                                             Pesach 8th Day, Sunday, April 4, 2021
                                             Shavuot 2nd Day, Tuesday, May 18, 2021
                                             Yom Kippur, Thursday, September 16, 2021
                                             Shemini Atzeret, Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Virtual Minyan and Yahrzeit Ceremony

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SPECIAL CEREMONY FOR A YAHRZEIT AND FOR THOSE IN MOURNING We value the memory of our loved ones and want to respect the tradition of saying Kaddish for them. When one is unable to recite the Kaddish in memory of a loved one due to exigent circumstances, our tradition has allowed for other, equally potent, ways to pay our respects. It is traditional to learn Mishna in honor of the soul of the one being remembered. Notice that the word Mishna משנה contains the same letters as נשמה, the soul. Learning Mishna is powerful. On Sunday through Friday evenings, as part of our ZOOM MINYAN online, you can hear me read the names of those being remembered on their yahrzeit followed by my teaching a Mishna in their memory. We will conclude with a special version of Kaddish that can be recited even without a full minyan present.
For the text to the April 14th YIZKOR Ceremony, click here.

This Week's Yahrzeits - May Their Memory be a Blessing

Shabbat July 24, 2021 /  15 Av 5781
Leo Aaron, Lena Berman, Gladys Marcove Bronstein, Leah Carson, Esther Charney, Abe "Pine" Cohen, Zelda Cohen, Sylvia Simi Fleisher, Ida Goldberg, Helene Joseph, Yelisey Khait, Abe Lutz, Betsie Miller, Sophie Mandel Neiman, Yefgeniya Nimirovskaya, Elka Rozendorf, Leo Rubinowitz, Naftule Sachter, Gladys Samuelson, Louis Schatz, Irma Schon, Berneice D. Sherman, Joe Aaron Sobel, Isadore Sunshine, Justin Weinberg, Helen Sobol Wolin, Ruth Yoches, Benjamin Zeppelin

Sunday July 25, 2021 /  16 Av 5781
Clara Becker, Evelyn Bernstein, Henry Joseph Bezoff, Grace Burry, Rose Feuer, Sidney Goodman, Ida Hailpern, Jacob Kaplan, Abraham Londer, Albert Oxman, Phyllis Paper, Bertha Rappaport, Abraham Rifkin, Simon Rosenfeld, Ben Sachs, Judith Saltzman, Samuel Schachet, John Shoffstall, Adeline Stark, Louis Streltzer, Aizik Tselolikhin, Marvin David Waldbaum, James Zelinger, Bella Zicherman

Monday July 26, 2021 /  17 Av 5781
Isaak Bencion Baranov, Ruva Basseyn, Carolyn Sue Bernstein, Vera Biletzky, Toby Block, Nathan Boscoe, Harry Cohen, Michael K. Cooper, Rose Dupler, Abraham Engleberg, Sani Farkas, Jacob (Jack) Goldman, Betty Hayutin, Donald Keller, Mollie Litvak, Leon Mason, Dr. Herman G. Miller, Adolph D. Milstein, Dr. Ellis Pailet, Esther G. Quiat, Jennie (Jean) Rubinstone, Emanuel Salzman, Ed Sheftel, Nathan Silverman, Sandor Sklar, Edith Weinberg, Mina Weissman

Tuesday July 27, 2021 /  18 Av 5781
Marilyn Ales, Morris Berkow, Jack Boxer, Yshayho Chimny, Harold Cohan, Daniel Cohen, Leroy Cooper, Robert Geismar, Rachel Granas, Ernest Hagler, Rudolph Hirsch, Joseph Kessel, Geraldine Kramer, Hyman Ledder, Harry Niernberg, Coppell Pooley, Simon Sierota, Ellen Slatkin, Roberta Steinhardt-Ehrlich

Wednesday July 28, 2021 /  19 Av 5781
Fanny Berdy, Steve Boxer, Stanley Fleischer, Donald H. Gilden, Abe Goldstein, Margaret Hagler, Anne K. Harris, Esther Igielnik, Richard Isenberg, Daniel Meyer, Mark Miklin, Bertha Morein, Libby Raizen, Lillian Rudolph, Morris R. Silver

Thursday July 29, 2021 /  20 Av 5781
Vladimir Avrukin, Robert A Binstock, Morris Block, Ida Boscoe, Charles Diamond, Abraham Glass, Fannie Glass, Anna Gold, Shmuel Karshen, Bernard Levinson, Margaret Levitt, Oscar Mandel, Yitzchak Olesh, Robert Oliner, Samuel Olschansky, Peggy Miller Pepper, Anna Quiat, Edna Billeck Reuler, Leonid Rozenberg, Max Schwartz, Stanley Shapiro, Yevgeniya ("Jenne") Skorobogat, Sam (Sol) Sobel, Bessie Woolston, Joseph Ylenblum, Arlene Zucker

Friday July 30, 2021 /  21 Av 5781
Benjamin Beck, Reuben M. Blumberg, Anita Churches, Isaac Elkins, Charles S. Flaks, Jack Glazer, Sadie Grosinger, Faye R. Guber, Charles Heller, Curt Klemann, Samuel Levine, Frances Ada Levitt, Charles A. Marcove, Hyman Myers, Sadie Sabean, Freida Schwartz, Joyce Segall, Harry Aaron Shaffer, Yefrin Sharnopolskiy, Sandy Toby Shulman, Benjamin Snyder, Sophie Weinstein, June Weis, Joyce Zeff

Shabbat July 31, 2021 /  22 Av 5781
Evelyn Averch, Harry Bernton, Ida Bobb, Phil I. Francis, Tillie Grassgreen, Marvin Hellerstein, Ben B. Hoffman, Sol Joseph, Cassandra Ann Katz, Shmuel Kierszencweig, Ricky Laufer, Mindy Mandel, Florence Matten, Vera Reynolds, Harry L. Silverman, William Sunshine, Herbert Vean, Morris Waldman, Arlene Weissman, Alexander Zesch

Sunday August 1, 2021 /  23 Av 5781
Gerald R. Appel, Shlomo Ariel, Morris Averch, Joseph Brooks, Libby Buchman, Rose Elkin, Alex Englander, Edwin B. Fieman, Issaak Kikirov, Channa Gute Koladicki, Samuel Lewis Kregarman, Morris Levinson, Hinda Lustigman, Caryl Rabinoff, Elliott Reingold, Dan Rosenzweig, Rebecca Schwartz, Flora Shapiro, Mark Simons, Elias Slohm, Morris E. Stone, Harry Walk, Ann Weisbart, Lillian Widom, Lazer ben Sara ben Yisroel

Monday August 2, 2021 /  24 Av 5781
Sam Barron, Ida Chappel, John DeVito, Sadie Gaines, Sarah Goalstone, William A. Gulinson, Harry Hirsh, Ben Jacobs, Norma Kaufman, Anne Kiefer, Gitel Kobak, Mashe Kobak, Harry Kolodny, Isadore Missan, Frank Nash, Lillian Rotenberg, Max Schwarz, Yaacov Elye B'rev Shimon Shraiberg, Theodore Sterling, Ira R. Tannenbaum, Uri Henry Wolff, Leonard Zekman

Tuesday August 3, 2021 /  25 Av 5781
Minnie Badis, Sam Beck, Simon Beck, Max Brown, Dorothy Cassel, Belle Chazen, Ray Creamer, Bertha Diner, Edward Eckstein, Kate Flink, Ada Frazin, Stanley Gardenswartz, Joe Gottlieb, Losif Katsman, Pauline Kay, Anne Lieberman, Pearl Mandels, Idella Bobbie Mark, Rivka Nadav, Zhacirias Rahabe, Harriet Saper, Sylvia Simon, Beatrice Tadelman, Hymen Tadelman, Ida Tobe, Israel Wagner, Barbara Wagonfeld, Naomi Warren, Saul Zaterman

Wednesday August 4, 2021 /  26 Av 5781
Lenore Babich, Celia Brody, Leon Brooks, Faye Diamond, Bernice Engler, Milton Fine, Charlotte L. Friedman, Seymour Ginsburg, Martin Gottlieb, Celia Greenspoon, Merle Greenspoon, Sara Grinberg, Herman Hammer, Donald I. Hayutin, Rhoda Engbar Hilzman, Alfred Israel, Sophie Jacobs, Murray Lieberman, Leonard Morgan, Vernon Morris, Helen Paroly, Jeannette Leiser Pelta, Celia S. Segal, Hilda Soloway, Dina Soroka, Eli Suson, Terry Tockman, Harry H. Warsaw, Fay Weinstein, Allen S. Zalkin, Shoshana Ben Zeev

Thursday August 5, 2021 /  27 Av 5781
Mae Camins, Rochelle Caplan, Esther Baila Friedman, Sam Furer, Sarah Gordon, Barney Gross, Norman Handler, Jacob Idelberg, William Igielnik, Carey Lazar, Hertz Lebowitz, Tillie Levin, Esther M. Melmed, Selma Miller, Mordechai Naimark, Bennett Needler, Ida Novikov, Louis M. Radetsky, Meyer Schwartz, Phillip Shidler, Charnne Shwartz, Stanley Slavsky, Anna Sonn, Isaak Teleshevskiy, Jack Welner, Esther Zall

Friday August 6, 2021 /  28 Av 5781
Kevin Blacher, Chaya Malka Freedman, Jennie Goldberg, Max Goldman, Carl Goodside, Sam W. Harris, Mary Malka Hyman, Abe Kauvar, Joyce Leszman, Tena Lohman, Margaret Meen, Goldie Milstein, Ruth Morris, Leonard Poladsky, Joe Safran, Morris Settle, Shirley Sorkin, Sylvia Wiseman, Margie Yegge

Shabbat August 7, 2021 /  29 Av 5781
Ginda Aaronstam, Bertha Albert, Harlan Balaban, Gloria Cook, Henry Duman, Sally Epstein, Ruth Forst, Jesse Fradkin, Erhardt Glaser, Carin Sue Kaufman, Abraham Kroman, Meyer Levy, Paul Littman, Samuel Lubick, Cecil Mankoff, Helene Z. Pearl, Jacob Pomerantz, Harold Potashnik, Polly Rosen, Genya Shapiro, Jean Sorkin, Isidore Tannenbaum, Morris Weiss, Rose Yaffe, Irving Zelkind

Sun, August 1 2021 23 Av 5781