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Virtual Shabbat Party


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Refuah Sheleima/Speedy Recovery

Alisa Garner, Avraham ben Golda Sima, Avrom ben Moishe, Avraham ben Sara, Bina Aliza bat Soreleh, Bracha bat Basha, Daniel ben Batya, Esther bat Chana, Linda Fox, Jeff Geller, Paul (Pip) Goldstein, Debbie Greenberg (Devorah Leah bat Ita Liba), Elaine Greenberg, Francine Greenberg (Feige Esther bat Ita Liba), Heidi Markenson (Bracha Batia bat Avraham), Howard and Sherry Feingold, Hydee Pringle, Yitzchak ben Beile (Isaac Krajmalnik)Shraga Feivel ben Sima (Fabian Krajmalnik), Menucha bat Bayla Zelda, Mark Millenson, Mordechai ben Pauline, Barbara Oxman, Rivkah bat Sara, Ron Saliman, Lilian Schaeffer, Shmuel Yaakov ben Chana, Jay Stark, Tamar bat Phoebe, Yehudah ben Aliza, Yitzchak ben Feige, Pam Zeldin

Kavod on the Road Senior Chavurah Programs

In partnership with Kavod on the Road, BMH-BJ’s Senior Chavurah puts on exciting programs once a month.  We are currently virtual to protect our seniors during the pandemic.  To RSVP for events, contact Rebecca Gershten at 720.382.7848 or


August 17, 2021 at 11am – Live Klezmer in Shraiberg Gardens

We’ve got a real special treat for our first in-person Senior get together since the beginning of the pandemic.  A Klezmer Journey with the Klez Dispensers, live from Schreiber Gardens.  Go on a musical journey from the 19th century shtetls of eastern Europe to the shores of early 20th century America, and on through the klezmer revival that has been going strong for the past 50 years.  Featuring Ben Cohen on accordion, Annie Aqua on violin & Miriam Rosenblum on clarinet.


August 26, 2021 at 1pm -- Becky O’Brien from Hazon
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Eating Across Generations

Our tradition teaches l'dor v'dor, from generation to generation. But it's not always the best practices that make it from one generation to the next. While in some ways food systems have gotten much better, in other ways, they've worsened. Author Jonathan Safran Foer writes, "We don't need to reinvent food but to uninvent it. The future of farming and eating needs to resemble the past." Together, we'll learn about the changes in our food system over the last few generations, how we've experienced its evolution in our own lifetimes, and explore how we can make choices that create a healthier and more sustainable food system and planet for everyone.

To Join, go to
Meeting ID: 707 292 5344
Password: 4ZKDAp


October 21, 2021 at 1pm – The Kevin Mathews Band – in person!
A Tribute To The Oscar Peterson Trio

Oscar Peterson, who remains one of the most towering figures in music, changed the art of jazz piano forever with his soulful, virtuosic style rooted in the blues. Perhaps his most well-known band consisted of bassist Ray Brown and drummer Ed Thigpen. This concert will be our humble tribute to these three masters and their iconic album, “We Get Requests.” 

Please use the Chapel entrance on Center Avenue and proceed to the Gallery.

Zoom Classes and Services

Daily Minyan:
Shacharit in the Chapel is by reservation only.
To save your space, use the following link for sign up for
weekday services in 2021 CLICK HERE.
Sunday 8:30 AM,
Monday/Thursday 6:30 AM
Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 6:45 AM

For full schedule, including religious and secular holidays, rosh chodesh, etc. please view our online calendar.
Maariv Service is held Sunday-Thursday at 6:00 PM on Zoom 

Shabbat Services:
Due to Coronavirus health precautions, not only do you need to pre-register, but please be aware to check for updates in case there are any changes.

Sign up link for Shaarei Simcha 2021, CLICK HERE
Services begin at 9:00 am in the Chapel.

Sign up for Main Sanctuary 2021, CLICK HERE
Services begin at 10:00 am

Shabbat Childcare:                                                                          We will offer babysitting from 9:15am to 10:45am for children ages 0-5 years old in the gallery with a limit of 8 children.  Please pre-register here:

Tishrei, the Birthday of the World with Cantor Goldstein
on Zoom at 7:00 pm on Thursdays, August 12th and August 26th

Three Weeks + Four Rabbis = A New Year...and a New YOU!
With Rabbi Chaitovsky on Zoom at 7:15-8:30 pm Tuesdays.
Get ready for the High Holy Days with books and essays written especially for this purpose. Each week, we will explore and experience preparing for the holiest season on the calendar guided by the suggestions and insights of these very profound and deeply spiritual contemporary rabbis.

August 10th – Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days, Rabbi Rachel Sabbath and Rabbi Dr. Kerry Olitzky*
August 17th – The 40 Day Challenge, Rabbi Mark Wildes*
August 24th – The Writings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, zt”l

*Both of these rather short books are available in various formats on Amazon. It would be great for you to add them to your bookshelves!
Tuesday evening with Rabbi Chaitovsky at 7:30 PM - (CLICK HERE)

Wednesday morning Torah study with Rabbi Chaitovsky at 9:00 AM -
Bamidbar Verse by Verse (CLICK HERE)

Thursday morning Women's Class with Ellyn Hutt at 11:00 AM -
Ellyn’s Parsha Class for Women (CLICK HERE) - Meeting ID: 922 119 870

Thursday evening with Cantor Goldstein at 7:00pm - (CLICK HERE)              Singing your way through the holidays!                                                  August 12th - Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur                                      August 26th - Sukkot, Shmini Azteret and Simchat Torah

Daf Yomi with Rabbi Fleischmann - each weekday morning at 7:30 AM and
Saturday night 1 hour after Shabbat ends
WhatsApp Dial in number: 701-802-5213 Access code: 8622667
Online meeting ID: mfleischmann7​​​​​​
-If you want to be added to the group messaging of Daf Yomi for times, place in Gemoro, etc. please WhatsApp Rabbi Fleischmann at 303-815-4882
-For the actual shiur we use, which is accessible by home phone, cell, or computer.

Shabbat Videos

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Yizkor Memorial Service Booklet 
Click the above link to view and download a digital version of the service.  
Yizkor prayers are said during morning service after the reading of the Torah.  Yizkor in 2021 will be on:
                                             Yom Kippur, Thursday, September 16, 2021
                                             Shemini Atzeret, Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Virtual Minyan and Yahrzeit Ceremony

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SPECIAL CEREMONY FOR A YAHRZEIT AND FOR THOSE IN MOURNING We value the memory of our loved ones and want to respect the tradition of saying Kaddish for them. When one is unable to recite the Kaddish in memory of a loved one due to exigent circumstances, our tradition has allowed for other, equally potent, ways to pay our respects. It is traditional to learn Mishna in honor of the soul of the one being remembered. Notice that the word Mishna משנה contains the same letters as נשמה, the soul. Learning Mishna is powerful. On Sunday through Friday evenings, as part of our ZOOM MINYAN online, you can hear me read the names of those being remembered on their yahrzeit followed by my teaching a Mishna in their memory. We will conclude with a special version of Kaddish that can be recited even without a full minyan present.

This Week's Yahrzeits - May Their Memory be a Blessing

Wednesday September 22, 2021 /  16 Tishrei 5782
Ben Berman, Robert Bernstein, Terry Ruth Bilett, William Coleman, Sarah Engleberg, Eugenie Fixman, Marvin Lee Friedland, Mollie Goldfogel, Ephraim Howard, Carolina Inger, Ben Jurinsky, Olga Lepler, I. Jack Levy, Esther Milzer, Rose Molbogat, Herman Shore, Aaron Steinberg, Morris Wolf Yanish

Thursday September 23, 2021 /  17 Tishrei 5782
Sam J. Albert, Mary M. Aronson, Rebekah J. Baron, William Boxer, Joseph Elkin, James Eller, Lillian Gettinger, Morris A. Goldberg, Ida Goldfinger, Harry Gordon, Mike Hemd, Rose Hirsh, Fannye Kaufman, Leo Kopilow, Lorayne Korn, David Raznick, Leonard Schtul, Marvin Schweid, Howard Warren, Bella Wier, Bernard T. Witkin

Friday September 24, 2021 /  18 Tishrei 5782
Perry Allan Axel, Jennie Bronstein, Anna Butler, Samuel Corash, Sally Kaufman Dechter, Bruce Emeson, Frances Fine, Elizabeth Fishman, Sam Gvirtz, Gerald Heller, Alan Barry Joseph, Sam Klein, Sidney Korn, David Miller, Sonya Todresovna Plotkina, Isadore Saliman, Ida Scher, Sylvia Carole Solnick, Bennie Ziskin

Shabbat September 25, 2021 /  19 Tishrei 5782
Ruth Charney, Joseph Coopersmith, Esther Davidson, Hersh Entin, Alfred Feldman, Sophia Fiedelman, Sadie Francis, Robert Ginsberg, David Goldin, Celia Zeidenfeld Grimes, David Groll, Stella Becky Hayutin, Ben Hein, Grete Holz, Lilya Kaykova, Sam Kippur, Ann Lampert, Sam Leschel, Sarah Levine, Dorothy Lopata, Lillian Lustig, Ruth Richardson, Richard Saliman, Saul Samelson, Lieslotte "Lilo" Schott, Harriet Settle, George Shupe

Sunday September 26, 2021 /  20 Tishrei 5782
J. Harry Agron, Sam Brittan, Dorothy Carson, Jeanette Cohen, Betty Dubin, Rayzel Feigeleus, Rev. Joseph Ch. Feld, River Feldman, Harold Finegold, Judge Sherman Finesilver, Sarah Fink, Danielle A. Goldstein, Dena Heller, Mary Herman, Tillie Berger Horwitz, Saul Katz, Lottie Klebe, Esther Lind, Sarah Makovsky, Allan Lee Mandel, David M. Naiman, Eugene Schlesinger, Dr. C. D. Spivak, Pauline Stern, Lillian Troy, Mr. Doug Wagner, Jacob Weiner, Sarah Lena Wolinsky, Albert Yanish, Gwen Yanish

Monday September 27, 2021 /  21 Tishrei 5782
Morris Albert, Elka Bein, Selig Bein, Alex Berger, Loretta Blerman, Albert Boslow, Paul Alan Devore, Vladimir Donskoy, Lilly Feldman, Anna Leah Friedman, Mordecai Zev Gardenswartz, Marietta Goodman, Elimelach Katz, Herman Kempner, Wolf Lenczner, Seymour Male, Helen Miles Malek, Nathan Muchnick, Khayku Pinkhasov, Samuel Rogell, Max (Mendel) Shapiro, Phyllis Shecter, Phyllis Silverman, Ethel Susman, Harry Wein, Yetta Zwiebel

Tuesday September 28, 2021 /  22 Tishrei 5782
William Alterman, Anna Bettelheim, Herman Cronenberg, Haskell Edelstein, Anna Elkins, Rachel Esther Faskowich, Rosalee Schweig Forman, Rallie Ginsberg, Lester Goldstein, Irving L. Greenwald, Norma Hagler, Goldie Heller, Jacob Kasten, Mina Kopff, Lena Levin, Carl Mandell, Joyce Mandelstam, Morris H. Miller, Lena Rayor, Jennie Shapiro, Yakov Shpitalnik, Roslyn Theresa Shur, Sam Sterling, Goldie Wedgle

Wednesday September 29, 2021 /  23 Tishrei 5782
Sadie Coffee, Rosetta Friedman Delimont, Joseph Enrich, Abe Estis, Eva V. Gadiel, Florence Goodman, Yelizaveta Komarouskaya, Gisya Lerman, Esther Levin, Molly Lifshutz, Leslie Lowen, Jake Opper, Mark Propper, Dora Raizman, Herman Rogell, Bessie Rosen, Albert Rueck, Martie Ruttner, Morris Ruttner, Senta Salomonis, Charles Schneider, Jack Sugarman, , Joseph Wolach, Simon Zevin

Thursday September 30, 2021 /  24 Tishrei 5782
Sarah Allen, Benjamin Arkin, Joan A. Brown, Rosa G. Butler, Anne Cohen, Mayme Cohen, Henry Fortner, Passel Goldberg, Michael Grousd, Gerald Gutman, Shirley Kippur, Morris Klein, Melvyn Kupetz, Baruch Moshe Last, Morris Levin, Dora J. Miller, Sarah Milstein, Barry Maxon Silverstein, Gertrude Strear, Dora Tsirlina, Harry Wagner, Jennie K. Wax, Joseph Waxman, Sylvia Weinstein, Jerry Zicherman

Friday October 1, 2021 /  25 Tishrei 5782
Florence Berman, Sarah Esther Bloom, Lillian Cornfeld, Dr. Louis Engleberg, Rosamond Goldberg, Bruce Thomas Gross, Solomon Kuslansky, Kurt Moskovitz, Bella Propper, Marlene Rosenberg, Nellie Rosenberg, Sidney L. Russak, Alvin Silerstein, Frederick Straus, Abraham F Suckerman, Samuel Sugar, Minnie Turchinsky, Isaac Willens

Shabbat October 2, 2021 /  26 Tishrei 5782
Rae Bean, Rose Charney, Edward Coopersmith, Vladimir Eidman, Goldie Ellensweig, Frieda Funt, Jacob Golden, Jeannette Goldhammer, Charlotte Guggenheim, Aaron Hollander, Jack Kohn, Jacquelyn (Jackie) Levin, Annette Mankoff, Reba P. Messel, Leonard David Miller, Rose Papper, Thomas Poladsky, Lewis L. Rosenberg, Milton Rydell, Alec Shapiro, Oscar M. Shere, Sharon Katzson Siebert, Lillian Slavsky, Abraham Sunshine, Elizabeth Wolf

Sunday October 3, 2021 /  27 Tishrei 5782
Arno Bruck, Harvey Burg, Thomas Chorney, Edith Clayman, Estelle Corash, Harry Feldman, Elaine Fieman, Lillian Fischman, Marshall Geller, Nat Gilman, Sara Haras, Sima Hayutin, Irwin Hoffman, Florence Katz, Sara Hertz Lebowitz, Blanche Lieberman, Ligia Minaya-Belliard, Nathan Quinn, Bertha Rachofsky, Mark Steven Rubin, Justin Bertram Simons, Moses Solomon, Mihaly Strausler, Siegmund Weber, Molly Weinstein, Sam Willner, Max Wolf

Monday October 4, 2021 /  28 Tishrei 5782
Sarah Alterman, Hirsh Barmatz, Claire Beck, Harold Berman, Sam Dare, Helen Dworkin, David Friednash, Victor Ginsberg, Zelda Greenberg Gold, Marian Goldberg, Albert Greenberg, Jacob Isaacson, Cheryl Kroner, Ann Landy, Jaime Mareyna, Klara Mochenyat, Ellen Morein, Jack Oberfeld, Milford Pepper, Walter Perlmutter, Fay Sheftel, Rene Stark, Dora Winterfeld, Anna Witkin

Tuesday October 5, 2021 /  29 Tishrei 5782
M. Jack Bernstein, Lorraine Winner Brown, Percy Bub, Ben Cook, Abe Dorfman, Jennie Freidenson, Jacob Kaufman, Lawernce Laycob, Elizabeth Lieberman, Kissel Liss, Yekusiel Liss, Israel Jacob Miller, Mary Milstein, Warren Paul, Dr. Allen Riemer, Fern Tilliss, Lazar Traktinski, David Bruce White

Wednesday October 6, 2021 /  30 Tishrei 5782
Ben Alex, Rose Barron, Itta Belotherovskaya, Harlan Bercovici, Max Faberman, Jeffrey Feld, Harry Glaser, Anna Z. Goldberg, Martin Grosinger, Jennie G. Hailpern, Edith Jacobs, Toby Klein, Abraham Komar, Arthur Melnick, Clara Reiwitz, Sol Rosen, Maria Schwarz, Morris Aaron Springer, Becky Topelson

Fri, September 24 2021 18 Tishrei 5782