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Virtual Shabbat Party


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Refuah Sheleima/Speedy Recovery

Avraham Issur ben Chaya, Avraham ben Golda Sima, Avrom ben Moishe, Avraham ben Sara, Bina Aliza bat Soreleh, Bracha bat Basha, Daniel ben Batya, Esther bat Chana, Linda Fox, Jeff Geller, Paul (Pip) Goldstein, Debbie Greenberg (Devorah Leah bat Ita Liba), Elaine Greenberg, Esther Chaya bat Simah Leah, Esther Flossic (Esther Pesal bat Risa), Francine Greenberg (Feige Esther bat Ita Liba), Sherry Feingold, Hershel Natan ben Guta, Yitzchak ben Beile (Isaac Krajmalnik)Shraga Feivel ben Sima (Fabian Krajmalnik), Margalit bas Devorah, Mark Millenson, Menucha bat Bayla Zelda, Mordechai ben Pauline, Roberta Beach Oderberg (Ruth bat Rivka), Barbara Oxman, Harold Rosen (Chaim Fidel ben Fruma), Rivkah bat Sara, Ron Saliman, Rubytal Chava Sara bat Leah, Lilian Schaeffer, Elizabeth Ann Sher, Jay Stark, Tamar bat Phoebe, Valerie Wolf (Sara bat Sophie), Yaakov ben Gita Tova, Yitzchak ben Feige, Pam Zeldin

Kavod on the Road Senior Chavurah Programs

In partnership with Kavod on the Road, BMH-BJ’s Senior Chavurah puts on exciting programs once a month.  We are currently virtual to protect our seniors during the pandemic.  To RSVP for events, contact Rebecca Gershten at 720.382.7848 or


January 20, 2022 at 1pm *on Zoom* – “An American Journey: John and Abigail Adams in Europe”,  Dr. Jeanne Abrams talks about her new book.
Author of "Jewish Denver, 1859-1940" and most recently "A View from Abroad, The Story of John and Abigail Adams in Europe," released February 2021.  
Most people know John and Abigail Adams as the second president and first lady, respectively. But few remember how John's time in Europe during the Revolution helped bring an end to the war. University of Denver history professor and author Jeanne Abrams recounts the couple's time overseas in her new book.

More:  From 1778 to 1788, the Founding Father and later President John Adams lived in Europe as a diplomat. Joined by his wife, Abigail, in 1784, the two shared rich encounters with famous heads of the European royal courts, including the ill-fated King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette, and the staid British Monarchs King George III and Queen Charlotte. In A View from Abroad: The Story of John and Abigail Adams in Europe, Jeanne Abrams reveals how the journeys of John and Abigail Adams not only changed the course of their intellectual, political, and cultural development―transforming the couple from provincials to sophisticated world travelers―but most importantly served to strengthen their loyalty to America. After just a short time abroad, Abigail maintained that, “My Heart and Soul is more American than ever. We are a family by ourselves.” The Adams’ quest to define what it means to be an American, and the answers they discovered in their time abroad, still resonate with us to this day.

February 17, 2022 at 1pm *on Zoom* – Black Americans in the West

Join Terri Gentry from the Black American West Museum & Heritage Center as she highlights the timeline and perspectives of African American migration in the western United States, including individuals, and families, Black Cowboys, Ranchers & Farmers, Miners, Business Owners, Buffalo Soldiers and Tuskegee Airmen, and covers regions West of the Mississippi River to California, including the Five Points and Whittier Neighborhoods in Denver, from approximately pre-civil war to present day.

March 10, 2022 at 1pm in person – Good Vibrations

The Ferocious Fleas are a unique, seven-member ensemble playing music from Bach to Lady Gaga – on ukuleles! This is not your ordinary strum-and-sing ukulele group. The name comes from “jumping flea”, which is the literal translation of ‘ukulele’, and the four- stringed Hawaiian instruments prove their versatility in our arrangements. As members of the Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra, the Fleas enjoy playing a musical repertoire that is unexpected and delightful.

April 14, 2022 at 1pm *on Zoom* – History of the Haggadah

The Haggadah we use today for Passover has evolved significantly over time. Learn with biblical scholar and artist Naomi Jacobs about such topics as the origin of charoset, the original 3 (not 4) questions and how they changed, why there are bunny rabbits on some Haggadahs, and where some of the popular songs come from. Recommended: have a Haggadah at hand to follow along more easily.

*We are aiming for a hybrid model.  Some of the above events are in-person at BMH-BJ, but we will try to live-stream them as well for those at home. 
Details to come.  For the virtual programs please log in using the following:

Zoom Classes and Services

Daily Minyan:
Shacharit in the Chapel is no longer by reservation only, however, we request that you sign up in advance so that we can ensure that we will have a minyan present for each service.  Please use the following link for sign up for weekday services in 2021 CLICK HERE.
Sunday 8:30 AM,
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For full schedule, including religious and secular holidays, rosh chodesh, etc. please view our online calendar.

Shabbat Services:
Due to Coronavirus health precautions, not only do you need to pre-register, but please be aware to check for updates in case there are any changes.

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Shabbat Childcare:                                                                               We will offer babysitting from 9:15am to 10:45am for children ages 0-5 years old in the gallery with a limit of 8 children.  Please pre-register here:

Tuesday evening with Rabbi Chaitovsky at 7:30 PM - (CLICK HERE)

Wednesday morning Torah study with Rabbi Chaitovsky at 9:00 AM -
Bamidbar Verse by Verse (CLICK HERE)

Thursday morning Women's Class with Ellyn Hutt at 11:00 AM -
Ellyn’s Parsha Class for Women (CLICK HERE) - Meeting ID: 922 119 870

Daf Yomi with Rabbi Fleischmann - each weekday morning at 7:30 AM and
Saturday night 1 hour after Shabbat ends
WhatsApp Dial in number: 701-802-5213 Access code: 8622667
Online meeting ID: mfleischmann7​​​​​​
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Shabbat Videos

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Yizkor Memorial Service Booklet 
Click the above link to view and download a digital version of the service.  
Yizkor prayers are said during morning service after the reading of the Torah.  Yizkor in 2021 will be on:
                                             Pesach-Shabbat,  April 23, 2022

                                            Shavuot-Monday,  June 6, 2022



Virtual Minyan and Yahrzeit Ceremony

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SPECIAL CEREMONY FOR A YAHRZEIT AND FOR THOSE IN MOURNING We value the memory of our loved ones and want to respect the tradition of saying Kaddish for them. When one is unable to recite the Kaddish in memory of a loved one due to exigent circumstances, our tradition has allowed for other, equally potent, ways to pay our respects. It is traditional to learn Mishna in honor of the soul of the one being remembered. Notice that the word Mishna משנה contains the same letters as נשמה, the soul. Learning Mishna is powerful. On Sunday through Friday evenings, as part of our ZOOM MINYAN online, you can hear me read the names of those being remembered on their yahrzeit followed by my teaching a Mishna in their memory. We will conclude with a special version of Kaddish that can be recited even without a full minyan present.

This Week's Yahrzeits - May Their Memory be a Blessing

Monday January 3, 2022 /  1 Shevat 5782                
Rosh Chodesh
Peter Austin, Edith Backstein, Walter Black, Mary Bodow, Bernard Cohen, Joseph Fowler, Anne Brownie Goldberg, Sol J. Grazi, Leslie Grey, Raymond S. Gutin, Maxine Hailpern, Benjamin David Katchen, Murray Kopilow, Fannie Kornfeld, Jennie Lazarus, Minna Levitt, Lazaro Medina, Jennie Melnick, Fanny Menkofsky, Gerald Miller, Mano Newman, Paul Numerof, Stanley J. Oliner, Lena Solomon Oppenheim, Esther Prezant, Eva Rogell, Sarah Safer, Stephen Silver, Ada Soltz, Harry Stepsay, Libby (Lillian) Tanger, Jacob Tepper, Mary Waldman, Cantor Herman Wanger, Harry Weiss, Joseph Witkin, Rose Zall, Samson Zwiebel

Tuesday January 4, 2022 /  2 Shevat 5782
Arnold Averch, Daniel Bilker, Aaron Bronstein, Jerry Feld, Joe Frank, Samson Geltser, Marjorie Goldberg, Nathan Goldstein, Richard Gould, Albert Cohen Hemsi, Charlotte Herold, Sheldon Hank Hyatt, Rosa Kats, Polina Kleyman, Benjamin Ledder, Benjamin Levin, Devid Mayo, Laura Mermelstein, Hyman L. Meyer, Rose Wolkow Miller, Hilda Pavell, Annette Preece, Josie Rosenweig, Sylvia Sara Ruda, Abraham Schneider, Samuel M. Segal, Henry W. Shur, Irwin Simon, Harry latkin, Sol Stern, Morris Susman, Michael Tarlie, Morris Aaron Wolin

Wednesday January 5, 2022 /  3 Shevat 5782
Yosef Abramovich, Dora Alex, Florence Bilett, Nathan Block, Tevya Boxer, Tillie Boxer, Jack Cohan, Anna Cohen, Celia Coopersmith, Fannie Gluckstern, Dr. Isadore Goldbloom, Dennis Gorkin, Koby Rani Gruenwald, Shalom Heller, Gisa Klinger, Dr. Howard Kominsky, Morris Kurchick, Tillie LeNoble, Anna Levy, Aron Litvak, Samuel Benjamin Miller, Abe Nadler, Ida Pailet, Sam Primock, Sylvia Ritter Richards, Rose Rosen, Bayla Shapiro, Martha Stein, Sarah Stein, Jack Strauss, Minnie Toltz Nathan Urofsky

Thursday January 6, 2022 /  4 Shevat 5782
Sophie Beck, Vilma Bernstein, Henry Bronstein, Schlomo Yehuda Dym, Ethan Edelman, Gertrude Frank, Shmuel Frenkel, Betty Goodside, Morris Hoffman, Jack Janowitz, Sarah Janowitz, Edith Kern, Ruvin Khaikinson, Benjamin David Lesser, Sophie Mae Lumer, Ronald Betram Meier, Barry Alan Mozer, Rabbi Arnold Richter, Jennie Ruttner, Anne Schachet, Clinton Schwartz, Donna Shafton

Friday January 7, 2022 /  5 Shevat 5782
Galena Bichuya, Lazarus Bricker, Abraham Brooks, Sam (Boots) J. Cohen, Harry O. Cohn, Sam H. Edelman, Abraham Goldstein, Dorothy Greenberg, Harry Hayutin, Ben Hoffman, Israel Jultak, Manya Khurgina, Sam Ladmer, Benjamin Ledder, Margaretta Lichtenthal, Dorothy Lutz, Lena Mozer, Matthew O. Seamans, Ann Oberfeld, Joseph Perlov, Celia Richman, Ben Samett, Jacob Seewald, Alan "Skip" Sigman, Rose Silver, Barbara Handler Silverman, Dora Singer, David Paul Smith, Albert Weisbly, Sam Weiss, Devora Wolarsky

Shabbat January 8, 2022 /  6 Shevat 5782
Jack Barash, Jack Bernstone, Phillip Blacher, Maurice Brand, Sam Debber, Morris Goldwasser, Anna Goodstein, Aaron J. Hepner, Jennie Hershkovitz, Bertha Jacobstein, Shlomo B.R. Avrohom Zion Kauvar, Esther Kraut, Henry Levine, Adolph Lewis, Dora Marks, Saloman Moskovitz, Joseph A. Rosenthal, Max Schrago, Samuel Schreiber, Sam Schuster, Morris Shimmel, Elaine Slavsky, Hubert Smulian, Mollie Tint, Berthold Weis, Michele Wolf, Aron Zeiderman

Sunday January 9, 2022 /  7 Shevat 5782
George Applebaum, Max Babe Baer, Helen Barkan, Ruby Barter, Khanna Bekker, Ramona Bivians, Edmund F. Breier, Burton Dunevitz, Leo Einbinder, Helen Fisher, Harry Glixman, Vivian Guzofsky, Stephanie Holle, Aaron Isaac Jacobovits, Michael Jultak, Charlotte Kaminsky, David Klein, Evguenia Kolker, Nathan Aaron Lerer, Sidney Levin, Anna Liss, Joe Luby, Mania Lustman, Ursula M. Oliner, Bernice Rosen, Celia Shapiro, Mark Shapiro, Maxine Miriam Shatsoff, Ida Shimmel, Zlata Shneideris, Charlotte Tucker, Eleanor Winn

Monday January 10, 2022 /  8 Shevat 5782
Morris Bedwinek, Arthur Bender, Casriel Berger, Ida Berger, Beth Londer Blanchfield, Abraham M. Blumberg, Marie Cohen, Shoel Zev Ben Eleazar, Aaron Ben Fischer, Jenn Garner, Gloria Ann Gold, Jennie Goodman, Rev. Simon Holland, David Jonas, Dinca Kaminsky, Marion Kleiger, Esther Mosko, Karl Naidu, Doris Nitzberg, Judge Saul Pinchick, Henry Primock, David Rockman, Eduard Rubinchik, Eli Secunda, Marc Barry Solnick, Genrikh Solovey, Bella Stoll, Frank Tish, Lil Weinberg

Tuesday January 11, 2022 /  9 Shevat 5782
Abe Berneman, Frieda Blumberg, Jacqueline Davis, Melvin Dinner, Morris Feldman, George Fine, Harry Fine, Stephen Murray Friedman, Dorothy Gensberg, Reuben Hollander, Sanford Kaplan, Dr. Jerome Kesselman, Benjamin Rudolph Krause, Earl M. Light, Earl Marcus, Berko Miaskovetski, Barney Nash, William Rosenfeldt, Jacob Sommer, Ben Stellor, Sigmund Turner, Sidney H. Wandel, Garry Woodrow, Isaac Zeldin, Anne Stigman Zucker

Wednesday January 12, 2022 /  10 Shevat 5782
Alan S. Alex, Charles Balsky, Erica Bild, Morris Elkind, Howard Emeson, Morris Freed, Lillian Gardenswartz, Helga Geller, Robert Golden, Leybe Kaganov, Klara Kahn, Sarah Keren, Nathan Kraut, Rosalie Kippur Levitt, Yetta Levitt, Evelyn Lipstein, Reva Aarons Marcus, Jardena, Chase and Jameson Martinez, Libbie Miller, Anita Primack, Sam Ross, Frank Rubinson, Feiga Safray, Jack B. Saper, Bertha Silverstone, Elizabeth Stein, Edythe Sunshine, Sarah S. Wandel

Thursday January 13, 2022 /  11 Shevat 5782
Joseph S. Ackerman, Haia Ancel, Anna Axler, Freida Bernstein, Lillian A. Blumberg, Rose Kauvar Buchalter, Rose Buchwald, Ida Faberman, Harry Faust, Jack Fenster, Harry Fishman, Barbara Gelfand, Emil Gold, Morris Goldberg, Sara Goldberg, Yehuda Leb Ben Zev Goodman, Arthur Grey, Simon Joseph Heller, Aron Kaplan, Robert Lettes, Anna P. Lichtenstein, David Rottman, Terese Rueck, Julius Shapiro, Sidney Shucard, Lillian Soltz, Jerry Stark, Morris Sundell, Chaim Ben Eliezer Tannenbaum, Ida Tenenbaum, Aaron Winn

Friday January 14, 2022 /  12 Shevat 5782
Leonard Alterman, Isaac Davis, Anna W. Farber, Harry Gliner, Devorah Goodman, David Kamen, Joseph D. Kentor, William King, Meyer Kleiner, Martha Kris, Lev Larin, Rose K. Locke, Leo Moses, Shirley Perlmutter, Bertha Ross, Max Rothberg, Jacob Rothstein, Alvin Saliman, Ben Schechter, Florence Schwartz, Herman Schwartz, Seymour Sheldon

Shabbat January 15, 2022 /  13 Shevat 5782
Rose Bender, Lou Cohan, Dorothy Cohen, Morris Einbinder, Arnon Fixman, Sarah Rose Shames Gardenswartz, Samuel Garelski, Arnold Goldstein, Minnie Harris, Nathan Hoffman, Morey Judd, Judith Kantrowitz, Rose Katchen, Edward Kleiger, David Komisarow, Rebekah Kortz, Sadie Prottas, Julius Saliman, Simon Segal, Moishe Sonenreich, Max Sunshine, Aleksandr Tsyrkin, Joe Turner, Rebecca Urofsky, Beatrice Zerobnick

Sunday January 16, 2022 /  14 Shevat 5782
Samuel Bolshoun, Janet Farber, Marvin Paul Feinsmith, Colleen Frankel, Zelda Frankel, Sally Fried, Irene Faye Geller, Hattie Glixman, Ethel Goldberg, Max Goldberg, Sofiya Gurevich, Dora Leftin, Julian Lutz, Joseph Milstein, Seymour Moses, Dennis Michael Mosko, Rabbi Jerome Neulander, Dr. Charles Peltz, Louis Peterson, Harold E. Raizen, Marcia Rogers, Israel Srul Ruda, Anna Rudd, Mary Silver, George Spunkin, Harry Tokarsky, Esther Wedgle, Bronia Zauderer, Sam Zeppelin

Monday January 17, 2022 /  15 Shevat 5782
Paul Baer, Etta Breier, Stuart Coffee, Ida Sarah Gelt, Fannie Goldstein, Julius Goldstein, Rose Gordon, Leslie A. Gross, Miriam Hellerstein, Dora Kaplan, Elsie Kaufman, David Lefko, Jody Levine, Anna Newberger, Paul R. Newman, Esther Notkin, Norman Bernard Pester, Barrie Susan Ray, Joe Replin, Rose Rosenberg, Louis E. Shuteran, Shifra Silver, Eli Hertz Sobol, Rose Steinberg, Dr. Edward Steinman, Jamila Toledano, Sadie Tucker, Moshe Walkovitz, Arden Wandel, Dora Waxman, Belle Weiss, Minnie K. Willens, Mark Allen Yourtz, David H Zaler

Tuesday January 18, 2022 /  16 Shevat 5782
Morris Bekerman, Else Chaim, Fannie Friedman, Jacob Jack Friedman, Max (Mechel) Friedman, Sara Garlett, Rose Gart, Arnold Goldburg, Gertrude Goodside, Sam Greenberg, Rosaline Greenspoon, Minnie W. Israelske, Helene Malek, Helen Meyers, Frieda Musman, Abe J. Pringle, Natalie Nettie Right, Esther Schmerman, Minnie Siegal, Joseph Siegel, Ina Geller Willner, Mary Winograd

Wednesday January 19, 2022 /  17 Shevat 5782
Brenda Banker, Nate Bernstone, Abe Binstock, Florence Bordy, Jennie Burg, Nathan Butler, Murray Caplan, Mollie Cohan, Hyman Cohn, Surle Goldfogel, A. Jack Harris, Isaac David Kahn, Isaac Kamlet, Bertram Kaufman, Cpl Yale S. Kiefer, Irene Klein, Z. Cecil Mann, Leonard Millman, Sarah Newman, Marguerite Oxman, Genia Perekl, Phil H. Perlmutter, Yevgeniya Pevzner, Sam Primack, Goldye Radetsky, Frieda Reissmann, Joseph Rodman, Gene Silver, Goldie C. Silverman, Harold Smith, Esther Snyder, Sarah Stuhl, Lee Trachtenberg, Harry Valas, Lillian Wishengrad, Minnie Albert Woolard, Sam Zinn

Thursday January 20, 2022 /  18 Shevat 5782
Max Barshop, Samuel Berman, Sam Boxer, Debby Burger, Esther C. Cohen, Fannie Cohen, Melvin Cohen, Cyril Edelstein, Harold Ellensweig, Beatrice S. Fox, Felix Freiheiter, Mary Gardenswartz, Esther Gordon, Bella Groussman, Joe Gvirtz, Elsie Klein, Mollie Kleiner, Beatrice Kullback, Yetty Neuman, Ruth Oppenheim, Albert E. Paskus, Harry J. Robbins, Martin Joseph Rubinowitz, Lillian Edith Saliman, Hugo Scharlack, Ray Sher, Anna Shnayderman, Rae Slatkin, Edith Vicksman, Mordechi Winter

Friday January 21, 2022 /  19 Shevat 5782
Jean C. Bach, Roberta Karsh Baum, Shannon L. Burke, Harry R. Cohen, Nina Eidman, William Farber, Dr. Harold Fishman, Julius Fishman, Herman Friedman, Larry Friedman, Lily Friedman, Mildred Gelfand, Mollie Greenberg, Shirley Hailpern, Raye A. Hirsch, Rose Hurvitz, Helen Lyn Littman, Louis Mendelsohn, Betty Miller, Carol Lynn Rashbaum Montoya, Dora Norton, Jean Olshansky, Dora Pepper, Shirley Rimer, Sam Roth, Herbert Rubin, Robert Rudolph, Ella Rutland, Jennie S. Sandusky, Michael Schneider, Samuel Sorkin, Joan Weissman, Yevgeni Zlatkin

Shabbat January 22, 2022 /  20 Shevat 5782
Sigmund Amter, Esther Block, Stanley Boscoe, Kathy Lynn Boxer, William J. Dunevitz, Clarence Goldblatt, Joseph W. Goldstein, Sallie Goldstein, Bruce Green, Ida Rose Greenspoon, Ben Horwitz, Lawrence Kalish, Carl "Ykutiel" Kawa, Leon Kutner, Janet Berger Leaffer, Morris Lesser, Esther Lock, Abraham Abe Meyer, Solomon I. Miller, Gittel Pearl, Sally Prince, Miriam Reinhardt, Evelyn Roth, Paula Seewald, Lillian Sicker, Yetta Spector, Al Susman, Joy Tulper, Esther Wagner, Eva Wagner, Edward Weinberg

Sunday January 23, 2022 /  21 Shevat 5782
William Aronson, Allene Cohn, Jake Cooper, Esther Ephraim, Kibby Gart, Walter Gettinger, Max Jultak, Rachel Katz, Joan Kupetz, Ruth Laufer, Joseph Mandels, Dorothy Melnick, Mayer Orenstein, Roy Pendergist, Jacob B. Pizer, Edward Revis, Hannah Rosenberg, Rose Saphir, Belle Smernoff, Sarah Sundell, Russell Volk, Morris Ziskin
Monday January 24, 2022 /  22 Shevat 5782
Ruth Bagully, Henry Bayer, Saul Cashman, Eva Diamond, Effie Epstein, Edwin Z. Fiss, Ethyl Friedberg, Philip Gelbman, Svetlana Igolkina, Janet Jarvis, Herbert Kamph, Gertrude Levy, Sam Menkofsky, Bessie Morris, William Samuel, Obby Shames, Solomon Yosef Slansky, Sulamif Sluzevsky, Isadore Tulper, Hertha Weinberg, Raymond Lee Weiner, Jason M. Wichter, Bernard Winber
Tuesday January 25, 2022 /  23 Shevat 5782
Ann Saliman Alterman, Evelyn Ber, Edward L. Bleistein, Abe S. Flaks, Irvin Fleischer, Brandon Friedman, Sima Grinshteyn, Leland Huttner, Helen D. Kaminsky, Peter Zelek Katz, Ben P. Lampert, Fannie Levy, Maxine Lutz, Lillian Marchick, Rebecca Marcus, Bessie Missan, Leah Rifka, Regine Rochlin, Shirley Rothberg, Toby Sheftel, Andrew Silver, Elaine Singer, Bessie Bluma Willins, Earl Woolf
Wednesday January 26, 2022 /  24 Shevat 5782
Joan Madelon Berenbeim Axelrod, Sara R. Baer, Anna Mazer Dootson, Dr. Stephen Engel, Sol Felsen, William Goldberg, Amelia Goldblatt, Joe Goldstein, Bernard Halpern, Janet Hirschfeld, Fred Kaufman, Adele Kohn, Wolf Koladicki, Sessel Kuper, David Charles Lapidus, Lea Levin, Leonard Mell, Goldie Mintz, David Putterman, David E. Rayor, Joseph Reckler, Sarah Rothchild, Sallie Kay Siegel, Harry Weinstock, Melford Wolf, Jack Woolf, Barry Scott Zelinger
Thursday January 27, 2022 /  25 Shevat 5782
Harry Bender, Emma Berman, Morris H. Eber, Raizel Eskanos, Morris Garner, Polie Goldberg, Abraham Isaac Goldfarb, Jean Grass, Pauline Rose Green, Roberta Greenberg, Elaine Katz, Daniel Kleinman, Sally Lewinnek, Leon Marion, Dorothy Metler, Betty Mintz, Gertrude Montrose, Ida Moskovitz, Nathan Nemirow, Jordan Pells, Abraham "Al" Reiser, Goldie Rosenbaum, Francine Rosenberg, Meyer Sachter, Peter Ronald Shapiro, Mary Slavsky, Henry Sperber, Leyb Abram Welenson, Sarah Dock Wood, Sarah Zoller
Friday January 28, 2022 /  26 Shevat 5782
Jankel Leib Abrahamsson, Edward Allen, Samuel Banner, Craig Bowers, Morris Butterman, Abraham S. Edelman, Dora Flaks, Jacob L. Garlett, Aaron Gottlieb, Emmanuil Kalikhshteyn, Adolph Kaufman, Max Lopatin, Flora Mizel, Mildred K. Morrison, Elizabeth Naidu, Anna Robinson, Betty Lee Saltzman, Esther Schneider, Stephen Sigman, George Skigen, Yoav Stern, Milton Teper, Fannie Yetta Wolkoff, Abraham Wolpo, Louis Youngman
Shabbat January 29, 2022 /  27 Shevat 5782
Judith Rae Alterman, Harry Arkin, Richard Cohen, Yakov Dubinskiy, Ethel Dworkin, Harry Finkelberg, Michael David Grodney, Lotte Heimann, Oscar Kessel, Phyllis Kippur, Harry Levin, Jean Levy, Elizabeth Licht, Recha Rosina Marx, Sitta M. McLinden, Bernard Miller, Chaya Yehudit Noy, Rebb. Esther Golda Parczewski, Lisl Penzias, Sam Pluss, Bessie F. Primock, Samuel Saltzman, Daniel Seltzer, Israel Waldman, Harry Wittlin, Norman Wolach
Sunday January 30, 2022 /  28 Shevat 5782
Miriam Bender, David Charles, Michael Neil Cohen, Louis Corn, Jacob Diamond, Peter Efros, Joseph Gergis, Hyman Goldberg, Tauba Halpern, Leo Lee, Bonney Levin, Leon Lewkowitz, Jack H. Lopata, Stuart Markowitz, Nina Novikova, Rose Nowick, Helene Reinsch, Minnie Scharfer, Clara Schneider, Rebecca Schott, Betty Sharoff, Teresa Sigman, Eva Steinberg, Esther Strick, Lee Valas, Jack Wetzner, Dave A. Wolf
Monday January 31, 2022 /  29 Shevat 5782
Rose Anger, Samuel Anger, Isaac Binstock, Flora Brandt, David Charzak, Isadore Esbitz, Ralph Field, Lois Goodman, Bertha Katzson, Miriam Kauvar, Marjorie Kleinman, Leonard Krautman, Sam Leder, Ann Lenefsky, Sam Lutz, Shirley Morein, Sarah Myers, Bertha Pasternak, Bertha Phillips, Gregory Marc Reich, Lena Reichman, Esther Sachter, Morris Schwartz, Frank C. Silverberg, Maxine Talarico, Harry Wagonfeld, Harry Weinstein, Ike W. Zweibel
Tuesday February 1, 2022 /  30 Shevat 5782
Kotlovich Abram, Emelie Aknin, Yefim Ayzenberg, Sylvia Z. Baker, Effie Berger, Jacob Harry Boutcher, Sadie Gvirtz, Harry Kaller, Gloria Kaplan, Joann Kolb, Sidney B. Leight, Paul Messinger, Sylvan Moses, Bruce Plattner, Ida Heller Schwartz, Joseph Schwartz, Philip Shapiro, Mose Sharon, Irving Sherman, Alfred Smollin

Tue, January 18 2022 16 Shevat 5782