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Virtual Shabbat Party


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Refuah Sheleima/Speedy Recovery

Avraham Issur ben Chaya, Avraham ben Sara, Jeffrey Blum (Yakov ben Golda Sima), Bracha bat Basha, Myra Bender, Esther bat Chana, Roger Druckman, Linda Fox, Alisa Garner, Bruce Geller, Jeff Geller (Yaakov ben Yetta), Linda Gornbein, Debbie Greenberg (Devorah Leah bat Ita Liba), Elaine Greenberg, Francine Greenberg (Feige Esther bat Ita Liba), Dov Heller (Nachman Dovid ben Reizel), Leib ben Chasha, Yitzchak ben Beile (Isaac Krajmalnik)Shraga Feivel ben Sima (Fabian Krajmalnik), Jeff and Miriam Miller, Mordechai Refael ben Perel, Barbara Oxman, Mark Perlmutter (Moshe ben Feiga Rochel), Anna Pogrebnyak, Harold Rosen (Chaim Fidel ben Fruma), Ron SalimanLilian Schaeffer, Dr. William Silvers (Zev Shmuel ben Heleina), Sheldon Spector, Jay Stark, Yaakov ben Rivka, Pam Zeldin

Kavod on the Road Senior Chavurah Programs

In partnership with Kavod on the Road, BMH-BJ’s Senior Chavurah puts on exciting programs one Thursday of every month at 1:00 pm in the Gallery.  To RSVP and pre-pay for event attendance, contact Rebecca Gershten at 720.382.7848 or or by going to

Summer Programming

June 20 at 1pm-NOTE SPECIAL DAY 

Books: The New Currency of Community, Connection, and Belongingness

Join “Great Books, Great Minds” founder and Global Book Ambassador Diamond (Michael) Scott as he explores the impact of books as the new currency of community, connection, and belongingness worldwide. In this interactive discussion he will share with attendees a few popular books and their significance in terms of driving dialogue and discussion among communities of book lovers worldwide.

60 minutes plus 30 minutes for light refreshments and schmoozing. Cost: $5


July 6 at 1pm

Spirited Songs & Sing Along to Make You Smile and Tap Your Toes!

Join Colorado singer and songwriter Janis Kelly for a lively and spirited
performance. Together we will listen to her uplifting and soulful voice, join her in a sing along while exploring music from the Great American Songbook with a healthy sprinkling of Jewish folk songs!

60 minutes plus 30 minutes for light refreshments and schmoozing. Cost: $5


August 3 at 1pm

Get READY! Art at Hand is Back with Clay Connects

We are pleased to share with you once again Art at Hand from the Denver Art Museum. This new box of creativity will provide you with an opportunity to get to know three generations of artists whose creativity and storytelling in clay have deep roots in Santa Clara Pueblo. Spend time with their artworks, play with clay, and share your own stories. Space is limited.

60 minutes plus 30 minutes for light refreshments and schmoozing. Cost: $5

Zoom Classes and Services

Daily Minyan:
Shacharit in the Chapel 
Sunday 8:30 AM,
Monday/Thursday 6:30 AM,
Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 6:45 AM

For full schedule, including religious and secular holidays, rosh chodesh, etc. please view our online calendar.
Friday evening Mincha/ Kabbalat Shabbat in the Chapel 
Shabbat Morning Services:

Shaarei Simcha 2023 services begin at 9:00 am in the Chapel.

Main Sanctuary 2023 services begin at 9:45 am

Shabbat evening Mincha/Torah Learning/Maariv in the Chapel

For full schedule, including mincha times for Friday and Saturday, please view our online calendar.


Tuesday evening with Rabbi Chaitovsky  (CLICK HERE)
“Problem in the Parasha” at 7:15 PM after Shacharit  

Wednesday morning Torah study with Rabbi Chaitovsky  (CLICK HERE)
“Through the Desert: Bamidbar Verse by Verse” at 7:40 AM after Shacharit 

Thursday morning Women's Class with Ellyn Hutt at 11:00 AM -
Ellyn’s Parsha Class for Women (CLICK HERE) - Meeting ID: 922 119 870

Thursday evenings with Cantor Martin Goldstein  (CLICK HERE)
Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Torah at 7pm on May 11th and May 18th

Daf Yomi with Rabbi Fleischmann - each weekday morning at 7:30 AM and
Saturday night 1 hour after Shabbat ends
WhatsApp Dial in number: 701-802-5213 Access code: 8622667
Online meeting ID: mfleischmann7​​​​​​
-If you want to be added to the group messaging of Daf Yomi for times, place in Gemoro, etc. please WhatsApp Rabbi Fleischmann at 303-815-4882
-For the actual shiur we use, which is accessible by home phone, cell, or computer.


Valley Beit Midrash - BMH-BJ hosts a variety of live and online classes.  If you missed one, you can listen to it or watch it later through this link at any time.

Shabbat Videos

Please click above to view videos

Yizkor Memorial Service Booklet 
Click the above link to view and download a digital version of the service.  
Yizkor prayers are said during morning service after the reading of the Torah.  Yizkor in 2022/2023  will be:

Shavuot-Saturday,  May 27, 2023



Minyan and Yahrzeit Ceremony

Please click above to join

SPECIAL CEREMONY FOR A YAHRZEIT AND FOR THOSE IN MOURNING We value the memory of our loved ones and want to respect the tradition of saying Kaddish for them. When one is unable to recite the Kaddish in memory of a loved one due to exigent circumstances, our tradition has allowed for other, equally potent, ways to pay our respects. It is traditional to learn Mishna in honor of the soul of the one being remembered. Notice that the word Mishna משנה contains the same letters as נשמה, the soul. Learning Mishna is powerful. 

This Week's Yahrzeits - May Their Memory be a Blessing 

Thursday June 1, 2023 /  12 Sivan 5783
Naum Baram, Susan Jean Bard, Louis Bauer, Mary Blacher, Herman Cohen, Lillian Cohen, Harriet Cohn, Gertrude Berger Devine, Aaron Fass, Philip Fischer, Pearl Gardenswartz, Marion Gottesfeld, Sam Gross, Leopold Henry Guldman, Max Guldman, David Igielnik, Herbert I. Jacobson, Ida Katz, Louis Barich Kramish, Esther Littman, Esther Bartines Milstein, Roza Postrelkina, Abby Susan Replin, Idalla Safran, Rose H. Saliman, Sarah Zeidel Seibel, Leizor Sher, Louis Sher, Albert L. Tenenbaum, Louis Tucker, Lenore Wolpa

Friday June 2, 2023 /  13 Sivan 5783
Samuel Boutcher, Greta Braude, Rabbi Max Chizewer, Mahtel Englander, Mor Englander, Florence Gelfond, Simon Goldberg, William Goldberg, Alice Gordon, Walter Greenberg, Israel Gross, Fred Hoffman, Robert Howard, Max Huttner, Al Lavitt, Nathan Lehrman, Edith Meltzer, Jack Miller, Brett Perlmutter, Marie Perotin, Frances Phillip, Rebecca Sobol, Jeffrey Waldman

Shabbat June 3, 2023 /  14 Sivan 5783
Rose Dratel, Francine Fisher Egalnick, Toby Turner Epstein, Rabbi Chaim Freedman, Joseph Friedenreich, Nelson Goldman, Ida Gottesfeld, Hilda Haskel, Annette Kaufman, Dorothy Levine, Reva Mendelsberg, Sidney S. Mozer, Sam Pasternak, Lillian Penn, Lillian Penn, Selma Resnick, Nachum Rosenshain, Dr. Nathan Shumsky, Harry Sigman, Frieda Slatkin, Mayer Shachna Solomon, Patricia Faye Wener, William Winograd, Belle Steinberg Zalinger

Sunday June 4, 2023 /  15 Sivan 5783
Florence Antonoff, Max Balsky, Alex Berkowitz, Richard Bugdanowitz, Albert M. Cohen, Stanley Coval, Ann Faxstein, Rev Harry Gillman, Dorothy Faye Goldberg, Julius M. Goldberg, Herman Gottlieb, Marcus Jacobs, Irving Kaplan, Norma S Lande, Goldye Lieberman, Abraham Mariam, Reiza Ruth Mazo, Ben Melnick, Ben Melnick, Jean Paget, Bruce B. Paul, Jane Pellish, Fayana Pepper, Basha Reizer, Clara Rifkin, Sarah S. Rush, Rose Saper, Kalman Schneider, Leo Thomas, Hilna De Waltoff, Julia Wittow

Monday June 5, 2023 /  16 Sivan 5783
Edna Bart, Lillian Bloom, Louis Bockman, Arthur Goldberg, Tillie Goldstein, Ivan Jacobs, Bertha Katz, Bessie Kutzburg, Blanche Laycob, Michele Meyers, Reuben Mosko, Morris Price, Ilyas Rakhimov, Reva Rivkin, Ida Timbel, Dora Wolf, Pearl Wolfson, Khana Zaretskaya

Tuesday June 6, 2023 /  17 Sivan 5783
Dora Cohn Aaron, Sol Benowitz, Sherolyn Berger, Bronislava Brandel, Joe Carsh, David Deutsch, Ethel Einbinder, Morris M. Feuer, Carrie Goldfarb, Sam N. Greenstein, Rachel Guber, Bernard Hailpern, Isaac Mendel Hirschfeld, Esther Mashe Krohn, Jennie Kupetz, Abraham Levett, Judy E. Levin, Dr. Julian D. Levinson, Shlima Nikolayevsky, Semen Nimirovskiy, Vyacheslav Petrov, Berl Rosenblum, William Robert Ross, Elaine Siporin, Hershy Steinberg, Elmer Stern, Samuel Stern, Harry Strauss, Ivon Tashof, Rae Wolf, Sidney Woodrow, Veniamin Zhuk

Wednesday June 7, 2023 /  18 Sivan 5783
Johanna Abraham, Jerrold Berger, Jossel Dym, Dorothy Elderman, Sandor Garan, Marsha Gardenswartz, Julius David Geller, Lewis Golden, Augusta Hagler, Esther Hochstadt, David Kornblatt, Leo Laycob, Mike Meyer, Philip Myers, Kelvin Rice, Mirian Roth, Dr. Harry Sloan Saks, Bertha Salomonis, Betty Lee Shidler, Harry Sytner, Eva Vad, Perla Vaksman, Esther Waldman, Martha Weiker, Sam Zerobnick

Thursday June 8, 2023 /  19 Sivan 5783
Minnie R. Bem, Alice Bleecker, Clara Eisen, Clara Eisen, Charlene Engleberg, Oscar Fenchel, Sophie Lesser Fischman, Louis Garlett, Max J. Goldberg, George Katz, Anna Lieberman, Rose A. Litvak, Freida Marcus, Norman Markman, Esther Nathenson, Abe Olshansky, Lilia Perekh, Gustav Pincuss, Alvan Rosenthal, Louis Silverman, Isabel Simons, Sherri Lynn Weber, Abe Weiner, Solomon Wolf

Friday June 9, 2023 /  20 Sivan 5783
Dorothy Agron, Mendel Band, Lena Brenhard, Irma Eichberg, Harry Epstein, Max Guterman, Reta Heller, Mary Komar, Anna Melamud, Max Neuman, Harry Pashel, Esther Polse, Helen Rashbaum, Marlene Replin, Edith Sachs, Louis J. Simon, Dave Steinberg, Khaya Klara Tokarskaya, Elly Valas, Becky Wiener

Shabbat June 10, 2023 /  21 Sivan 5783
Norman E. Arent, Busya Ayzenberg, J. Edward Fein, Ilse Fenchel, Ilse Fenchel, Morton Fisher, Albert Hayutin, Natan Ioffe, Erna Israel, Albert L. Kolitz, Lucille Korklin, Viktoryia Mazina, Kurt Ochs, Adrienne Parker, Louis Primack, Ben T. Rollnick, Edward Lewis Rosenfeldt, Jerry Shore, Rigina Sofiya, Anna Ruth Stein, Esrul Ulman, Isador Wexler

Sunday June 11, 2023 /  22 Sivan 5783
Bernice Brown - Lopata, Toby Cohen, Joseph Albert Corske, Rebecca Ely, Ben Feiner, Stuart Gottesfeld, Henrietta Harmats, Harry Harris, Gregg Mitchell Heller, Max Hoffberg, Louis Katchen, Maxine Katzson, Igor Klyachko, Frances Lakin, Carol Lifsey, Ted Thaddeus Majcherek, Mary Mankoff, Miguel Mendelsohn, Ruth Mozer Sharoff, Ruth Mozer Sharoff, Bluma Bas Toviah Zev Resnick, Stuart Rubin, Chester Salzer, Jerome Samuels, Harold J. Spitzer, Harold "Red" Stein, Joseph Steinberg, Grant Wine, Judit Zaterman

Monday June 12, 2023 /  23 Sivan 5783
Goldie Aronoff, Alvin Cohen, Laurence Eskanos, Sadye Meyer Fisher, Rebecca Ginsburg, Samuel Greenberg, Ethel M. Hirsh, Minette Kleinberg, Sylvia Kornfield, Hilda Fistell Kushnir, Fannie Leiser, Rakhil Levina, Michael M. Mayer, Sofya Miller, Gertrude I. Reichman, Anna Shapiro, Louis Shatsoff, Dora Tavel, David Tessler, Ester Wolff, Sarah Zinn

Tuesday June 13, 2023 /  24 Sivan 5783
Albert Barmatz, Bessie Bilker, Rae Dean Boxer, Zev Halevy Bregman, Rosalie DiPiazza, Morris Dock, Bartley David Elkins, Markovits Family, Fay Finkelstein, Fay Finkelstein, Sunny Greenberg, Lilian Dolly Greenstein, Jack Heselson, Bess Lewis, Mary Minzer, Margaret Paff, Yetta E. Price, Samuel Z. Rubin, Ferne Sandler, Jennie Silverman, George S. Toltz, Ruth Toltz, Minnie Viders, Belle Winter, Millie Zerobnick, Edna Zivin, Jack Zwerdlinger, Jack Zwerdlinger

Wednesday June 14, 2023 /  25 Sivan 5783
Konrad Berg, Jerome Bernstein, Lawrence Bernstein, Katherene H. Cohen, Barbara Cook, Barbara Cook, George Dock, Wilfred S. Dubnick, Dorothy Fleischman, Annie Hayutin, Ernestina Iosub, Celia Katz, Richard Alan Landman, Theodore Lang, Ida Levinson, Rose Newberger, Margie Rosen, Margie Rosen, Nettie Schrier, J. A. Sharoff, J. A. Sharoff, Nathan Smagler, Rose Sontag, Abraham S. Wainhouse, Kalman Zeff, Yetta Ziporin

Thursday June 15, 2023 /  26 Sivan 5783
Marion Bash, Ida Bronstein, Randy N. Ellis, Sally Sachs Enoch, Robert Frishman, Harry Furberg, Ruth Goalstone, Abraham S. Golbert, Isaac Horowitz, Ethel Krautman, Sol B. Levin, Morris L. Meyer, Reuben Richardson, William J. Rosen, Rebecca Mae Rosenfield, Mendel Sandusky, Sadie Sosno, Katie Susman, Joshua Tarlie, Abe Weinberg, Abe Weinberg, Joseph Yadgar

Friday June 16, 2023 /  27 Sivan 5783
Pearl Berenstein, Miriam Bonstein, Nancy Brinig, Simon Charny, Mamye Cohan, Nessie Cohen, Raphael Drigor, Katie Gevisser, Bertha Ginn, Ruth Greenberg, Sarah B. Huttner, Sarah B. Huttner, Sarah B. Huttner, Sarah B. Huttner, Delia C. Kal, Sol Landow, Sam Lustig, Lena Marcus, Sarah Pashel, Arthur Potashnick, Steven Rosen, Gussie Schanker, Edward Sherry, Irving Smith, Harry Sperling, Ann Steinberg, David Tanger, David Tanger, David Valas, David Valas, Irving Wolinsky, Roza Yegorova, Esther Zuckerman

Shabbat June 17, 2023 /  28 Sivan 5783
Sara Appleman, Philip Bernstein, Bluma Caldwell, Marc Michael Coval, Fred Engel, Ben Eskanos, Ben Eskanos, Solomon Fuks, Ray Glass, Ray Glass, Fannie Gold, Sady Rosen Goldberg, Isaac Goodside, Isaac Goodside, Frank F. Guber, Irmgard Herz, Maxine Levin, Victorine Levy, Sima Liebman, Yizchok Liebman, David Matanky, Louis Michael, Samuel Ochman, Fanny Radam, Jacob Reingenhein, Rabbi Milton Rosen, Hyman Schachet, David Schwartz, Paul Shemberg, Oscar Siegel, Henry Sigman, Josef Solnick, Josef Solnick, Esther Topelson, Esther Topelson, Paula Walter, Helen Wolfe, Sydney Wolfe, Anne Zelinger

Sunday June 18, 2023 /  29 Sivan 5783
Donna Bernstein, Zenek Birman, Charles Bronstein, Ethel Freedman, Edith Golden, Bert Gross, Bert Gross, Robert Haas, Mae Hagler, Leonard J. Heller, Fanya Igolkina, Samuel A. Kalnai, Leonard J. Klein, Anna Landow, Louis Boots Litvin, Zelda Nemo, Sadie Perlov, Dorothy Rice, Maurice Rosenberg, Eleanor Berkowitz Shidler, Boris Vigdorov, Bella Wolf

Monday June 19, 2023 /  30 Sivan 5783
Abraham Akers, Ida Zukerman Cohen, Ann Dubowitz, Harry F. Fischman, Buddy Hackett, Herman Horowitz, Barney Katchen, Barney Katchen, Deborah Kurland, Ida Langfelder, Irene Levoy, Sarah Lewin, Cantor Joshua Lind, Donald Nelowet, Myrtle Nieder, Mollie Phillips, Benyomin Nathan Preiss, Nathan Silverman, Abe Smookler

Wed, June 7 2023 18 Sivan 5783