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Virtual Shabbat Party


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Refuah Sheleima/Speedy Recovery

Avraham Issur ben Chaya, Avraham ben Golda Sima, Avrom ben Moishe, Joe Bean (Yosef HaLevi ben Rachel), Avraham ben Sara, Bracha bat Basha, Esther bat Chana, Linda Fox, Jeff Geller, Linda Gornbein, Debbie Greenberg (Devorah Leah bat Ita Liba), Elaine Greenberg, Francine Greenberg (Feige Esther bat Ita Liba), Yitzchak ben Beile (Isaac Krajmalnik)Shraga Feivel ben Sima (Fabian Krajmalnik), Jeff Leszman, Mark Millenson, Sharon Kahn Miller (Sara Gibora bat Feigel), Mordechai Refael ben Perel, Roberta Beach Oderberg (Ruth bat Rivka), Barbara Oxman, Harold Rosen (Chaim Fidel ben Fruma), Ron SalimanLilian Schaeffer, Dr. William Silvers (Zev Shmuel Ben Heleina), Jay Stark, Yaakov ben Gita Tova, Lori Weiner (Liba Mindel bat Chana), Valerie Wolf, Pam Zeldin

Kavod on the Road Senior Chavurah Programs

In partnership with Kavod on the Road, BMH-BJ’s Senior Chavurah puts on exciting programs once a month.  We are currently virtual to protect our seniors during the pandemic.  To RSVP for events, contact Rebecca Gershten at 720.382.7848 or

June 9 – Kavod on the Road Conference Kickoff

Klezmer Concert 10:30am – 11:30am
Resource Fair 10:00am – 12:00noon

Schraiber Gardens

Join the Klez Dispensers on a narrated journey through the history of Klezmer music and participate in the Resource Fair before and after the concert.

July 14 – History of Water and Denver

Respect and Rejoicing: A History of Water in Colorado and the American West with MSU Professor Matt Makely

Please join us for a discussion dedicated to Colorado's most precious resource: water. This sweeping exploration begins with a look at how First Peoples used water on the Colorado Plateau and concludes with a brief examination of how Denver built its water infrastructure. If you have ever been curious about water in Colorado, this lecture will help quench your thirst.

August 18 - The Ferocious Fleas - Ukulele ensemble return!

Back by POPULAR DEMAND!! If you missed this wonderful experience in March, we are thrilled to bring back the The Ferocious Fleas! They are a unique, seven-member ensemble playing music from Bach to Lady Gaga – on ukuleles! This is not your ordinary strum-and-sing ukulele group. The name comes from “jumping flea”, which is the literal translation of ‘ukulele’, and the four- stringed Hawaiian instruments prove their versatility in our arrangements. As members of the Rocky Mountain Ukulele Orchestra, the Fleas enjoy playing a musical repertoire that is unexpected and delightful.

*We are aiming for a hybrid model.  Some of the above events are in-person at BMH-BJ, but we will try to live-stream them as well for those at home. 
Details to come.  For the virtual programs please log in using the following:

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Meeting ID: 707 292 5344
Passcode: 4ZKDAp

Zoom Classes and Services

Daily Minyan:
Shacharit in the Chapel 
Sunday 8:30 AM,
Monday/Thursday 6:30 AM,
Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 6:45 AM

For full schedule, including religious and secular holidays, rosh chodesh, etc. please view our online calendar.

Shabbat Services:

 Shaarei Simcha 2022,
Services begin at 9:00 am in the Chapel.

Main Sanctuary 2022, 
Services begin at 9:45 am


Tuesday evening with Rabbi Chaitovsky  (CLICK HERE)
“Problem in the Parasha” at 7:15 PM after Shacharit

Wednesday morning Torah study with Rabbi Chaitovsky  (CLICK HERE)
“Through the Desert: Bamidbar Verse by Verse” at 7:40 AM after Shacharit

Thursday morning Women's Class with Ellyn Hutt at 11:00 AM -
Ellyn’s Parsha Class for Women (CLICK HERE) - Meeting ID: 922 119 870

Thursday evenings with Cantor Martin Goldstein-On hold

Daf Yomi with Rabbi Fleischmann - each weekday morning at 7:30 AM and
Saturday night 1 hour after Shabbat ends
WhatsApp Dial in number: 701-802-5213 Access code: 8622667
Online meeting ID: mfleischmann7​​​​​​
-If you want to be added to the group messaging of Daf Yomi for times, place in Gemoro, etc. please WhatsApp Rabbi Fleischmann at 303-815-4882
-For the actual shiur we use, which is accessible by home phone, cell, or computer.

Shabbat Videos

Please click above to view videos

Yizkor Memorial Service Booklet 
Click the above link to view and download a digital version of the service.  
Yizkor prayers are said during morning service after the reading of the Torah.  Yizkor in 2022 will be on:
                                             Pesach-Shabbat,  April 23, 2022

                                            Shavuot-Monday,  June 6, 2022



Virtual Minyan and Yahrzeit Ceremony

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SPECIAL CEREMONY FOR A YAHRZEIT AND FOR THOSE IN MOURNING We value the memory of our loved ones and want to respect the tradition of saying Kaddish for them. When one is unable to recite the Kaddish in memory of a loved one due to exigent circumstances, our tradition has allowed for other, equally potent, ways to pay our respects. It is traditional to learn Mishna in honor of the soul of the one being remembered. Notice that the word Mishna משנה contains the same letters as נשמה, the soul. Learning Mishna is powerful. On Sunday through Friday evenings, as part of our ZOOM MINYAN online, you can hear me read the names of those being remembered on their yahrzeit followed by my teaching a Mishna in their memory. We will conclude with a special version of Kaddish that can be recited even without a full minyan present.

This Week's Yahrzeits - May Their Memory be a Blessing

Sunday May 15, 2022 /  14 Iyar 5782
Ray Ashkenas, Elias Berkly, Abern Bowers, George Cohen, Jacob Edelman, Yakov Entin, Jacob M. Goldberg, Harris Goldman, Sarah Greenblatt, Gerry Japha, Bella Joshua, Reuben Leventhal, Anna Penn, Ida Robinson, Reba Rockman, Shlema Rotenberg, George Rubin, Yetta Saltzman, Harry Schaffer, Morris Schtul, Marvin Shamon, George Shapiro, Pauline Shapiro, Jeanette Wasserman Spilka, Arlene F. Uram, Abe L. Zinn

Monday May 16, 2022 /  15 Iyar 5782
Avram Albert, Nettie Allen, Nona Feiner, Dorothy Finer, Esther Ginsborg, Stanley Haskel, Abraham Heller, Elaine Levine, Dora Levy, Mollie Makowka, Maurice Mandel, Ida Raymon, Bernard Reder, Herman F. Reiff, Marvin Rotenberg, Nellie Sachs, Martin Sanders, Ann Schiff, Igor Shleyfer, Harry Streltzer, Goldie Vasa

Tuesday May 17, 2022 /  16 Iyar 5782
Andrea Gil Averch, Anita Guy Averch, Lillian Balkin, Samuel Brown, Ida Burnstein, Sam David Cohn, Phillip Feld, Benjamin Feldman, Nathan Friedman, Joseph Getzen, Linda Heifets, Abraham Jacobs, Sally Kaplan, Robert Kessler, Dr. Samuel Lutz, Figdor Maier, Lena Mandelbaum, Phil Mozer, Charlotte Nowecki, Leah Rachofsky, Leonard Richmond, Jessie Breier Rogoff, Elaine Rosen, Irene Rosenfeld, Samuel D. Ross, Michael David Schatz, Rose R. Smith, Mary Ella Sobol, Max Tatarsky, Nathan Weissman, Virgil Frank Zimmerman, Ruth Zisman

Wednesday May 18, 2022 /  17 Iyar 5782
Paula Biegen, Hans (Juan) Blum, Morris Braude, Betty Mae Cohen, Minnie Cohen, Charles Dashut, Celia Diner, Belle Dinner, Pamela Embrey, Martha Green, Alba Hemst, Meyer Josephson, Bette Lee Goldfogel Kaplan, Dave Karsh, Jack Kopolivic, Irene Carr Lutz, Selma Neuhaus, Gertrude Prezant, Morris Sam Radetsky, Arnie Rosen, Max Segel, Ralph Sher, Hyman Shuster, Harry Sorkin, Elizabeth Svarc, Devorah Tulper, Lynn Lee Vodian, Manny Weizman, John Hartley Westbrook

Thursday May 19, 2022 /  18 Iyar 5782
Dorothy Axel, Menucha Zlata Band, Hilde Blum, Louis Bomash, Rae B. Brilliant, Edward N. Bronstine, Joseph E. Cohen, Edith Disler, Sam Feldman, Jerry Goodman, Rosalind Gertrude Joseph, Ethel Rose Kaatz, Jake Lapin, Joseph Leiser, Raisa Livshits, Burton Mirrop, Dr. Morris Printz, Solomon Richman, Alta Schwartz, Louis Segall, Mollie Seidner, Khaim Shtelman, Louis K. Sigman, Hyman L. Susman, Yoel Udevitz, Louis Vad, Bernhard Weiker, Milton Wittow, Grace Wood, Libbie Yoches

Friday May 20, 2022 /  19 Iyar 5782
Dave Altman, Molly Altman, Isaac Berneman, Samuel W. Brenhard, Sara Cohan, Belle Cohen, Ida Diamond, Vladimir Dulova, Pasba Gindina, Jack Goldberg, Ronna Jo Goldberg, Bessie Guteh Goldfarb, Ben Gvirtz, Betty "Buz" Hahn, Morris Lankowitz, David Mintz, Abe Pinckovitch, Sylvia Plotkin, Louis Robinson, Erwin Samuel, Abe Schiff, Rosa Silver, Mary Silverman, Nimrod Sinai, Barry Tilliss, Sarah Ushomirsky, Gina Vertenstein, Julius Wanger

Shabbat May 21, 2022 /  20 Iyar 5782
Edith Brown, Renee Engel, Milton Freis, Dorothy Goldberg, Harry H. Goldberg, Roberta Gresley, Asher Gumbiner, Ann Horwitz, Grace Jay, Frances R. Konrad, Cy Lerner, Mollie Madison, Gen Mellman, Nathan Mendel, Faye R. Morris, Miriam Pushkin, Esther Quicksilver, Johanna Samuel, David Silberman, Genise Singer, Robert B. Smith, Dora Sobel, Dora Soldinger, Abraham Trilling

Sunday May 22, 2022 /  21 Iyar 5782
Artem Abramov, Mollie Berman, Max Bronstine, Susan Feingold, Rose Fink, Sarah Frenkel, Evelyn Gardenswartz, Aaron Goldhammer, Dr. Samuel Goldhammer, Henry Gully, Nehemias Heyman, Pamela Hoffman, Frances Illing, Shyrle Kaplan, Hyman Landy, Zundel ben Razel ben Lazor, Gail Beth Pacetti, Alice Payne, Morris Pringle, George J. Revis, Harry Rock, Avrom Rotbart, Mindel Rotbart, Rose Roth, John Starr, Phyllis J. Weiner, Max Weinstein

Monday May 23, 2022 /  22 Iyar 5782
Emma Blum, Don Cawelti, Yekusiel (Sapir) Chappell, Edna Cohen, Joseph Freidenson, Dina Gordon, Joseph Gordon, Sandra Heyman, Aaron Kaplan, Sarah Levin, Paul Libert, Bruce Morton Loup, Esther D. Moses, Jack Rubenstein, Peyser Soble, LaVaughn Steamer, Herman Streltzer, Louis Weinberg, Howard Wells, Rose Winters, Avraham Wolinsky

Tuesday May 24, 2022 /  23 Iyar 5782
Abraham Goldberg (A.B.), Norbert Bachrach, Reva Aaron Berger, Anna Rose Berman, Elaine Bernstein, Hennie Faiga Bloom, Edith Boehm, Mavis Datnow, Elizabeth Hoskins, Arlene Jacobs, Chaya Koganovich, Shirley Melnick, Frieda Pasternak, Abraham Pinchick, Eugene Arthur Reed, Reda Riemer, Martha Rosenberg, Arthur Rozycki Isadore Rude, Fannie Saltzman, Sandra Singer, Leona Homler Sollecito, Ida Cohen Straus

Wednesday May 25, 2022 /  24 Iyar 5782
Shirley Epcar, Hyman I. Fine, Bert Fuchs, Mendel Gendelev, Sheldon Ginsberg, Marie Hartywick, Renee Krakowski, Harold Kraut, Barnett Kutzburg, Philip Marcus, Friedel Nashelsky, Morris Quicksilver, Bella Rabinovich, Phil Rosen, Ilona Schwartz, Dora Sugar, Esther White

Thursday May 26, 2022 /  25 Iyar 5782
Hal Anderson, Donna Aysenzon, Jacob Sam Failer, Sarah Fine, Max Mendel Fisher, Gershon Freed, Frieda Greenberg, Abe (Al) Greenspoon, Melanie R. Gumbel, Dora Katz, Shimon Elhiovich Kertsburd, Susan Leader, Sylvia Litvak, Max A. Loup, Rose Caplan MacDuffie, Roy Meer, Vilin Nechiporuk, Max Rashky, Anna Ravdin, Chana Recht, Estelle Rifkin, Ralph Rose, Regina Shmuglyakova, Shirley Saliman Snyder, Janet Steeler, Harry Tanger, Minnie Waldbaum, William Wexler

Friday May 27, 2022 /  26 Iyar 5782
Regina Iosifovna Arenkova, Isaac Banker, Sylvia Begal, Jacob Berkowitz, Sallyann Berman, Louis Caplan, Miriam Foreman, Louis Friedman, Phyllis Goren, Joseph Gotfred, Samuel Gould, Morris Hagler, Leonid Heifets, Jeanne Heyman, Lillian Lakie Klausner, Maria Kuzmina, Abe Markovitz, John Hilbert Nebelsick, Ruth V. Pass, Jennie Radetsky, Mitchell Romer, Louis Schiff, Geraldine Smerling, Eugene Sorkin, Adolph Spitzer, Goldye Weinberg, Isadore Weiss, David Zelinger

Shabbat May 28, 2022 /  27 Iyar 5782

Israel Leib Beker, Sylvia Belstock, Lillian Cooper, Edward Allan Duman, Oscar Edelstein, Abe Eisenfeld, Shirley Engbar, Eli H. Fields, Dora Ginsberg, Rose Jultak, Martin Katz, Louis Kurland, Helen B. Levy, Lucille Levy, Adi Lissauer, Edwin Olshansky, Abraham Prottas,Paul Morton Saliman, Moses M. Schechter, Harry Spector, Rose Wertheimer, Lionel Zinn, Shirley Zinn

Sunday May 29, 2022 /  28 Iyar 5782
Jacob Baram, James I. Dreesen, Gertrude Eisen, Eileen Ettelman, Boris Glazenburg, Eva Gross, Jeannette Battock Horowitz, Libbie Lewinkind, Irving Liverant, Anna Molien, Virginia "Dinny" Nathan, Naomi Phillips, Ira Lev Plotkin, Philip Soloway, Jesse Sugarman, Joseph Tawil, David Teplitz, Israel Zeligman

Monday May 30, 2022 /  29 Iyar 5782
Bernhard Abrahamsson, Maurice Arent, Arlene Benson, Arlene Benson, Anna Cohen, Maria Dikerman, Jerome W. Ephraim, Pauline Epstein, Joseph Freeman, Samuel Greenberg, William Greenberg, Martha Helstien, Nat Idleberg, Selma Kahn, Morris Korklin, Harry Levy, Ruth Metzler, Reuben Miller, Bessie Wittow Morris, Emanuel Nathanson, Sara G. Reingold, Phillip S. Rollnick, Lina Frank Selig, Hansel Shapiro, Fanny B. Stone, Rose Susman, Philip Trilling, Rose Widom, Bertha Wine, Fannie Yellin

Tuesday May 31, 2022 /  1 Sivan 5782             
Rosh Chodesh Sivan

Roberta Mae Averch, Jacob Boscowitz, Max J. Boxer, Annie F. Dick, Sandra Fistell, Shirley Ginsberg, Ernestine Sydney Glick, Lipa Gringauz, Harold Kal, Dorothy Keller, Stella Klein, Harry Kronsberg, Esther Levy, Jennifer Mintz, Sam M. Pepper, Harold Radetsky, Hyman Silverberg, Abraham Smith, William Snyder, Cecelia Tolin, Thelma "Tee" Zelinger

Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyyar 5782